Car Dent Remover Bar


Car Dent Remover Bar

1.High quality and lower price
2.Quick assembly and easy operation
3.Paint-less car puller does not damage the original paint
4.Different tabs can repair different size of the dent
5.Labor-saving and environmental protection

Item: T Bar Puller
Material: Metal (Stainless Steel)
Quantities: Puller+18 Tabs
Material: Plastic Tabs, Metal T Bar Puller
Color: Blue Tabs, Silver T Bar

Tips (this tool needs to be used with a glue gun and stick, and we have no these item in this listing!!!!)
1.Select a suitable tab
2.Paste melt glue to the tab
3.Press glue tab into the dent for few minutes
4.Use 2 in 1 metal slide to pull this glue tab out lightly
5.Clean the car surface

Package Included:
1pc* 2 in 1 T Bar Puller
18pcs*Puller Tabs

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