Garmin’s adventure-based smartwatch line starts at $1,500


Garmin’s adventure-based smartwatch line starts at $1,500

If driving isn’t your sport, the collection includes the Aviator ($1,950), with a slide rule for calculating jet fuel usage; Captain ($1,850), which has wind speed, temperature and tide information; Expedition ($1,750), with an etched 360-degree compass bezel; and Athlete ($1,500), which can display your recovery time on the its face.

As Gizmodo points out, the smartwatches do a good job of looking like regular timepieces. In addition to hobby-specific tools, they share much of the smartwatch technology that Garmin already uses in its other wearables. That includes email and call notifications, a reflective display, music with Bluetooth streaming, NFC payments and an optical heart/pulse oximeter sensor.

This isn’t the first time Garmin has released high-end, niche watches. In 2016, its Fenix Chronos golf watch sold for $899. Given the MARQ collection’s high prices, these may go the way of the Apple Watch Edition, which was a luxury but was discontinued after three years. Basically, while these are for sale, they might also be for show.

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