Knicks F Kevin Knox posterizes Sixers G Ben Simmons with two-handed dunk


Knicks F Kevin Knox posterizes Sixers G Ben Simmons with two-handed dunk

New York Knicks rookie Kevin Knox is having an up-and-down season, but one thing is for certain: The man can dunk.

Knox put his athleticism on display Wednesday when he posterized Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons with a ferocious two-handed slam late in the first half. And although he only scored nine points on 10 shots in the 126-11 loss, he made his moment in the spotlight count as the jam threw Simmons to the ground and completely out of play.

The Knicks’ bench exploded with about half the players venturing onto the court. Even Dennis Smith Jr., who was in the game, couldn’t help but run up to flex over the fallen Simmons.

Adding insult to injury, Simmons was called for a foul on the play, although Knox, a 72.4 percent free throw shooter, could not convert the and-one.

If something looked oddly familiar about the dunk, that might have to do with the man who assisted Knox, DeAndre Jordan. With a hat tip to Rob Perez for pointing it out on Twitter, Jordan gave a look that was very familiar for any fans of Lob City or memes in general.

Yes, that look is almost exactly the same as the look Jordan gave after dunking all over Brandon Knight back in 2013 when he was on the Los Angeles Clippers – in case you didn’t know where the famous GIF came from.

Jordan wasn’t the dunker this time, but the reaction was just the same. Pray for Ben Simmons.

Joel Embiid nearly takes out a fan

Knox’s dunk wasn’t the only meme-able moment from the Sixers-Knicks game.

Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler broke up Boban Marjanovic’s tender pregame embrace with Jordan. In another Valentine’s Day-themed moment, Sixers head coach Brett Brown hugged Simmons. Joel Embiid even hit an outlet pass off J.J. Redick’s head.

However, perhaps the wildest moment came when Embiid jumped over the scorer’s table to save a ball from going out of bounds. In the process, Embiid knocked over a computer monitor, caught a media member with his foot, and hurdled actress Regina King.

Fortunately, everyone made it out safely, including King who may have a new favorite player.

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